VERVE (2019)

Album campaign + album artwork and second collaboration between Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and musician, Sebastian Plano, for his new debut album, "Verve" also his first release under Mercury KX Record Label.

Concept & Art Direction: May Xiong

Photography & production: May Xiong

© 2019

Between The Quiet

A short series inspired by Park Chan-wook's film, "Stoker". 

© 2013


Collaboration between musician, Sebastian Plano
& I, that encapsulates the raw emotion through
the heart and soul of Sebastian himself through
his music. Art covers for 'Arrhythmical Part of
Hearts' 3-panel CD & LP which will be re-released
on Denovali Records on Sep. 20th, 2013.

Concept & Art Direction: May Xiong

Photography & production: May Xiong 

© 2013


Portrait series based on the artist Aoi Yamaguchi, in the woods. An experimental/conceptualized set of photographs embodying the artist herself intertwined with nature, from her written poetry in calligraphy wrapped around her. 

"The theme of "UNiBIRTH", which celebrates the reincarnation of lives that exist in nature and signifies the infinite cycle of the universe." - Aoi Yamaguchi

Concept & Art Direction: Aoi Yamaguchi

Photography & production: May Xiong 

© 2012-2013

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